Pantanjali states that yoga is “the progressive quieting of the fluctuations of the mind.”

In a world where there is constant stimulation, pressure and over scheduling, yoga and a mindfulness practice has never been more necessary. At Sattva yoga it is our mission to bring the benefits of yoga to all people especially children. Our classes are geared toward children 7 and up who want and need to learn how to focus their mind and connect with their bodies. While our children’s classes are fun they are a bit different then what is typically available for children. Although we do laugh and don’t take ourselves so seriously in class, we do stray away from games, stories and other distractions. Our goal is to help children cultivate a life long practice that they can always turn to. When given the opportunity to grow in a challenging, positive and welcoming environment children thrive. At Sattva we never assume any child is incapable of learning to sit in stillness and focus on the connection with their body’s, we simply present them tools to practice and are always pleasantly surprised when they meet and accede their own expectations.

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