This week in our youth classes we talked about perspective. How what we see isn’t always the full picture and we don’t always see the same things that others. To help our yogis with a difficult concept we provide a visual lesson for them. Each person sat in the four corners of the studio and a box was placed in the center. Each side of the box had something different on it and each of our participants saw something the others couldn’t see. This visual tool helped them to understand that as we move through life, we are only getting a very small view of the bigger picture. We also talked about how the people in our lives only get to see a small piece of us at a time and it is important not to take their view on who who we are as law. Other people views can be helpful when we are young, because it helps us see a different perspective, but they are only giving us a small view of our entire self and it is up to us to self reflect and put all of the pieces of who we are together.

The kids engaged in the conversation and discussed ways perspective plays a role in how we are viewing an experience. Sometimes, if we are having a difficult day it is important to remember to flip the box and look at it a different way. In all things there are many sides and we always have a choice with which side we want to view it from. There is always the options to “Flip the box” and look at things from the positive side.

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