Effort, Ease and Balance

This week in class we discussed the balance between effort and ease. We often spend our lives pushing through and not recognizing where we are. Instead of giving ourselves permission to be exactly where we need to be, we often plow through skipping the much needed step of building strength and confidence.

In the physical practice of Yoga this is often a two fold problem, especially with young Yogis. They want to be able to do what everyone else is doing and often let their ego dictate where they are going. This competitive nature of having to be better then others creates division with others and internally. Ego plays a big part in our motivation to do most things, yet our ego is not our true self and often is not an accurate representation of our capabilities. Kids and adults alike, often lack the ability to quiet the ego and self reflect. This lack of self reflection makes it difficult to distinguish the difference between what our body’s are capable of and needs vs. what our ego wants either in a positive or negative way. Yoga helps to quiet the mind and allow a deep connection with your true self, so you can easily determine the difference.

We implemented this idea in our asana (physical practice). As we moved through postures we started building from the ground up adding levels to each pose. I allowed the group time to self reflect throughout every stage and see if the felt strong and balanced. They were in complete control over whether they should increase intensity or stay where they were to build strength. They were cued and reminded to check in and ask themselves is this is difficult? Do they feel strong where they are? Do they feel like it is too easy and too comfortable? Can they feel their body’s working? No judgments just observations.Determining the balance between effort and ease and letting the ego be a passenger not a driver is a life skill that will carry them throughout every experience they have.

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