Practicing Yoga with Your Child

Our approach to parent/child classes is a little different then what is typically available. Generally family yoga and classes geared toward children offer a lot of partner poses, games,stories, songs, crafts and other fun activities designed to keep children entertained. These activities help children stay engaged and combat any potential for issues that might arise when children feel “bored”. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these type of classes and they certainly are beneficial in their own way, Sattva yoga takes an entirely different approach.While we recognize that the needs of children are different than those of adults, we also know from our extensive experience working with children, that they are capable of more than we give them credit for. We believe that the true practice of yoga has numerous benefits and when presented with a multitude of meaningful experiences children will take what they need and said aside what they are not ready for. It is with this core principle in mind that we intentionally stray away from games and other distractions in our youth classes. Our goal is to help our youth find comfort in stillness, find solace in their breath and be at ease in the presence of discomfort. 

For Parents, these classes are designed to build their own practice. Yoga is not just about Asana, or the postures. There are so many levels involved when you are discovering your own practice and they often get discarded when your child is standing next to you practicing. During adult classes teachers often say “this is your practice, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, take this time to honor your own body” yet, when your child is next to you, your entire focus is on them. Are they behaving? Do they have their left arm up? Are they sitting still in savasana?  This worry about how our parenting will be judge and our desire for our children to “do the right thing” pulls us right out of our own practice and often holds them back from discovering their own. It is our desire to create a judge free space where parents and children alike can share in discovering their own practice. Where parents model what yoga looks like for them, but understand that it is a practice that may take a while for our young practitioners to cultivate. We aim to accept everyone, exactly where they are and offer the space to let go of our expectations and allow whatever and wherever we are to exist as is, if only for one hour during the week.



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