We are all born kind, confident, strong and capable. Our interactions with the world can make us forget or deny that truth. Yoga helps us come back to who we really are and fostering your child’s yoga practice helps them never to lose it.

Our goal at Sattva yoga is to create a friendly, safe, encouraging and accepting environment where children can learn and gain the benefits of a traditional yoga class. While we have fun in class our primary goal is to teach children how to quiet their mind in a world that is full of chaos and distractions. With this idea in mind, we intentionally stray from games, stories and cute names for poses. These practices can often become a distraction from the actual practice. It is our philosophy that children can learn and desperately need these tools more then ever. With access to phones, activities, homework, sports ect. children are rarely given an opportunity to just be. They do not get an opportunity to practice these skills anywhere else and it is important to us to allow them the space to practice with us. Yoga is a practice and at Sattva Yoga we strive to accept every student exactly where they are and give them the courage and the skills they need to see where they can go. Our mission is not to entertain them, but to give them the opportunity for self study.

Adriana Hansen- Owner

Adriana has been teaching young children for more then two decades. Working in daycare centers, as a Nanny and Coordinator for Music Together LLC. preschool division and owner/teacher of the Music Together program. She is well versed in developmentally appropriate practices for children and has been practicing yoga for 15 years. She is a certified RYT 200 hour trained teacher. Taking all of her knowledge and experience she developed the Sattva youth program, to help children gain all of the benefits of yoga, without watering down the presentation. Her philosophy is “We will never know the extent of what children are capable of, if we only allow them to explore what we think they are ready for.” It is with that in mind that her mission is to present all aspects of Yoga in an authentic way, allowing the space for children to take what they need and leave the rest behind. No judgment, just observation.