Free Parent workshop “Self-Esteem, Yoga and Your Child”

Self-esteem is a vital quality that keeps children on a positive trajectory. Between social media and the messages they are receiving on TV and all around them, it is more important then ever that we help our children develop the tools to discover and maintain a positive self image both emotionally and physically. Join us for this interactive info session as we talk about how we as parents can help our children thrive and how yoga provides lasting lessons that children will carry with them well into adulthood. While we will not be doing a full practice, we will do some light stretching, some pranayama (breath regulation) and a brief meditation exercise. This is designed to give you an opportunity to physically feel what these activities can do for your body, so you can better understand the benefits your child will receive during class.You will also walk away with a few tried and true techniques to help them through the intense and difficult moments that pre-teens and teens experience. As an added bonus you get a little pampering during a candlelit Savasana (rest with blankets, eye pillows and essential oils) because raising humans is hard work and you deserve some pampering

Youth Yoga 4 week Series

In this series children will learn the basics of yoga. Class will include Asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath regulation), and start to learn how to meditate. We will also tie our practice in with a visual, auditory or tactile element each week, such as making mindfulness glitter jars or vision boards. These activities are designed to help students enhance their understanding of the topic for that week. This practice is suitable for new students as well as those who have practiced before.

Parent/Child Classes (9+)

This class is geared toward older children who are trying to focus on their practice and their parents. We understand that quieting the mind is difficult for adults and can be especially challenging for our young practitioners. We embrace the challenge and allow a safe space for all of our participants to be exactly where they are.

Youth Yoga Classes (kids and pre-teens ages 7-13)

At Sattva Yoga we believe that children are much more capable than we give them credit for. Our kids classes are designed to empower children, give them confidence and help them achieve flexibility both in mind and body. Each class will offer opportunities for students to connect breath and body, calm their mind and begin a mindfulness practice. These classes will help them develop long lasting tools that will help them navigate through the unique challenges they face in their everyday lives.

Teen Yoga classes (Ages 13+)

Teen classes are designed for students age 13 and up who wish to develop a true yoga practice. Teens have unique challenges that are difficult to navigate through. With so much stimulation and running from one activity to another there is rarely the opportunity to sit in quiet and be reflective. This leads to stress and anxiety. Coupled with outside pressures from what we look like to how we perform in almost every aspect of our life, It is more important then ever for teens to learn the ability to quiet outside distractions and find peace within.

Every class will include, asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath work) and mindfulness. Teens will learn to connect movement with their breath and quiet “the monkey mind.” They will build strength and flexibility in both mind and body, become accepting and appreciative of the many things their bodies are capable of and gain an inner confidence that comes with self-reflection.  Classes are fun, engaging and challenging. Students create a community where encouragement and kindness are key. We laugh, accept our faults and understand that yoga is practice, perfection is not the goal.

Parent/Child (Ages 4-8)

Our parent child classes are designed to allow parents and children to enjoy a shared activity while keeping with the philosophy that yoga is self practice. Our classes are designed to allow both parents and children to participate in their own yoga practice at their own level. Parents are encouraged practice with their child and let go of any expectations they have for themselves or for their child.  Anyone participating should be aware that we may laugh, giggle, get up to use the bathroom and have a savasana that may include shifting of body’s, tapping hands and other things that our young practitioners are working on. Yoga is a practice and we accept everyone who has a desire to learn.